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Plato Screen Video Recorder Free 13.03

It is a video screen capture, screen recording tool used to capture desktop
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Plato Screen Video Recorder Free is a free screen capture tool. It allows you to make video recordings of the activity on your screen. This is a very complete recording tool, but it is incredibly easy to set up and use. For example, you can choose what part of the screen you want to record. There are four options: appoint region, full screen, use finder tool fix region, and select fixup region. The first two are really the only two ones that you need for basic operations. In short, the first one allows you to manually select the area of the screen that you want to record by dragging and dropping your mouse. The second one will tell the application to record activity on the totality of the screen.

When you start recording, the active area will be marked with four blue lines, which will blink when the mouse pointer is inside the set region. You can pause and resume the video. And to save the recording, you have to stop it. There are two formats available that you can use to save your recordings: EXE and AVI.

I tested the application with the AVI format and everything went well. The video was playable on VLC just fine.

José Fernández
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